How Local SEO Helps Your Business Grow Over a Year

December 15, 2023

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Starting Off

Have you ever searched online for a place to eat or a store near you? That’s what local SEO helps with. It’s a way to make sure when someone looks for a business like yours, they find it. Imagine you have a lemonade stand. If you want more people to come and buy your lemonade, you need to tell them where you are and how great your lemonade is. Local SEO is like putting up big, bright signs that guide people to your stand.

If you work on this for a whole year, your business can really grow. You might start with just a few people knowing about your lemonade stand. But by the end of the year, you could have a whole bunch of people coming by because they’ve heard how good it is. That’s why doing a little bit of work on it every month is a great idea.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is a way to help people find your business online when they’re looking for something you offer. It’s like when you lose something, like a toy or a book, and you wish you had a map to tell you exactly where it is. Local SEO does this for your business; it’s like a map on the internet that leads people straight to you when they’re searching for something you have.

How It’s Different from Regular SEO

Think of the internet as a huge library. Regular SEO is like trying to make your book the most popular one in the whole library, so everyone everywhere wants to read it. Local SEO is more like making your book the favorite choice among people who live in your town and come to your local library branch. It’s about being the best choice for the people nearby.

Making Your Business Easy to Find

Imagine you’re really good at making lemonade, and you set up a stand in your neighborhood. If people in your area are thirsty and looking for lemonade, you’d want them to find you easily. Local SEO is like hanging up signs that point to your lemonade stand so that anyone nearby who wants lemonade thinks of you first.

It tells people, “Hey, if you’re looking for lemonade, I’m right here and ready to serve you!” So, when someone nearby searches on their phone or computer for “lemonade stand near me,” local SEO helps your stand pop up in their search, making it easy for them to see you’re close and have what they want.

The Plan: A Year of Getting Better

Improving your business with local SEO is a bit like caring for a young plant. It’s not about doing a lot at once and then stopping; it’s about small, regular steps that make your business stand out online to people nearby.

Monthly Improvements

Each month, you focus on one part of local SEO. At first, you make sure everyone can find your business’s name and address online. This helps people know you’re close to them. Next, you might work on getting good words from customers who liked what you offered. This shows new people that your business is a good choice.

Some months, you could update your website to make it easier for people to use, especially on their phones. Websites that are easy to navigate invite more visitors.

Why Consistency Matters

Keeping up with these tasks every month is important because the internet changes a lot. What worked well a few months ago might not be the best approach now. By checking your progress regularly, you can see what’s working and what’s not. This lets you change your plan to keep getting better results.

For example, if you notice more people visit your business after you add new photos online, it’s a good sign to keep your website and online listings full of fresh, appealing images.

The Importance of Local SEO

Over time, these efforts build up. Imagine each small step as a puzzle piece. By the end of the year, you’ve put together a complete picture that shows your business as a top choice in your area. It’s not just about being seen; it’s about being seen as the best option for what you offer.

This steady work makes your business more visible and attractive to local customers. It’s how you turn online searches into real visits and sales. Remember, local SEO is a powerful tool because it connects you with people who are looking for exactly what you have, right when they need it.

Main Things to Work On in Local SEO

Local SEO isn’t just one big task. It’s made up of many smaller parts that work together to help your business get noticed by local customers. Here’s what to focus on over the year to make your business shine online.

Making Your Website Better for Local Customers

Your website is like your online storefront. You want it to be inviting and easy for local people to find what they need. This means having clear information about what you offer, where you are, and how they can contact you. It’s also important that your website works well on phones since a lot of people use their phones to look for things they need.

Getting Links from Other Local Websites

Links are like roads on the internet that lead to your business. When other local websites link to yours, it’s like they’re saying, “This place is great, check it out!” Search engines see these links and think your business is important, which helps more people find you.

Using Google My Business to Help People Find You

Google My Business is a tool that shows your business on Google Maps and search results. It’s like putting up a signpost on the internet that says, “We’re here!” Make sure your information is complete and up-to-date, and add pictures to show what’s great about your business.

Why Reviews from Customers Are Important

Reviews are like personal recommendations. When someone says good things about your business online, it makes others more likely to visit. Ask happy customers to leave a review, and always say thank you when they do. It shows you care and makes a good impression.

Getting Involved in Your Community

Being active in your local community can also help your local SEO. It’s like being a friendly neighbor. Attend local events, support other local businesses, and share what you’re doing on your website and social media. This builds your reputation both online and offline.

How Do We Know It’s Working?

After putting effort into local SEO for a year, you’ll want to see how much it’s helped your business. Like checking a scoreboard at a sports game, there are ways to see how well you’re doing. Let’s talk about how to measure your success.

Easy Ways to See if Your SEO is Getting Better

  • Search Rankings: This is where your business shows up in search results when people look for what you offer. Moving up means more people see your business first.
  • Website Visits: More visits to your website mean more people are interested in your business. You can use tools to see how many visitors you get and where they come from.
  • Phone Calls and Messages: If you’re getting more calls or messages asking about your services or products, it’s a sign that your local SEO is working well.
  • Sales and Visits: The most important sign is if more customers are coming to your place or buying from you. This means not only are people finding you online, but they’re also choosing to spend money with you.

Tools That Can Help You See How You’re Doing

There are tools designed to help you understand how well your local SEO is working. Google Analytics is a great one for seeing how many people visit your website and what they do there. Google My Business provides insights into how people find your business listing and what actions they take, like calling you or getting directions.

Making Sense of the Numbers

Seeing numbers go up is great, but understanding what they mean is even better. If more people visit your website after you add new photos or information, it tells you that those changes are helping. If you notice that people in your area are finding you more often, it means your local SEO is really targeting the right audience.

What’s Next for Local SEO?

As we look ahead, the world of local SEO continues to evolve. Staying up-to-date with new trends and technologies will be key to keeping your business visible and attractive to local customers. Here’s what to keep an eye on as you plan for the future.

Voice Search is Growing

More people are using voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant to find local businesses. This means it’s important to optimize for how people talk, not just how they type. Phrases like “near me” or questions starting with “Where can I find…” should be considered in your SEO strategy.

Mobile is More Important Than Ever

With almost everyone using smartphones to search for businesses, making sure your website is mobile-friendly is crucial. Sites that load quickly and look good on a small screen will be more likely to keep visitors engaged.

Local Events and Community Engagement

Getting involved in your community can boost your local SEO. Hosting events, participating in local initiatives, or sponsoring a local sports team can get your business mentioned on websites and in news articles, increasing your visibility.

Keeping Up With Google’s Updates

Google frequently updates how it ranks websites and presents search results. Staying informed about these changes and adjusting your strategy accordingly will help you stay ahead.

Building a Strong Online Presence

Beyond just your website, being active on social media, managing your Google My Business listing, and getting listed in local directories are all important. They help create a comprehensive online presence that can attract more customers.

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