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QBElite Model & Talent is a full-service talent agency that represents bright, unique talent from around the world with a generous roster of the state’s most sought-after faces in print, stage, film, television, hosting, pageants, runway, conventions, and sports management. QB connects clients and their projects with top talent and is committed to forging new alliances with those looking for the very best talent it offers. QB partnered with Foxpoint, a web development company. The collaboration between QB and Foxpoint resulted in a successful web solution that addressed the challenges QB faced with its former web developer and significantly improved its operations.


Before engaging with Foxpoint, QB had encountered issues with its former web developer. The former developer charged QB for services they had already subscribed to, leading to financial losses and dissatisfaction. Additionally, QB’s website lacked essential features like an email integration system and partnership information, hindering the agency’s ability to efficiently manage model applications and collaborations.

Foxpoint's Solutions

Upon being approached by QB, Foxpoint thoroughly assessed their requirements and identified areas that needed improvement. The solutions provided by Foxpoint are as follows:

● Website Overhaul: Foxpoint designed and developed a new website for QB from scratch, addressing the flaws in the previous design. The new website was optimized for user experience and aesthetics, making it more engaging and appealing to potential models and clients.

● Subscription and Billing Management: To prevent financial discrepancies, Foxpoint implemented a robust subscription and payment processing system. This system ensured accurate billing and eliminated any possibility of unauthorized charges, providing QB with transparency and confidence in their financial transactions.

● Email Integration System: Foxpoint integrated an efficient email system into QB’s website, streamlining communication with models, clients, and partners. The email integration improved response times and enhanced overall communication, leading to better relationships and opportunities.

● Model Application Portal: One of the key features that Foxpoint added to the website was a comprehensive model application portal. This portal allowed aspiring models to submit their applications easily, complete with necessary documents and portfolio uploads. The user-friendly interface of the portal attracted a large number of applications, significantly increasing QB’s pool of potential talent.

Objectives and Achievements

The partnership with Foxpoint brought about remarkable results for QB Elite Model Talent Agency:

● Model Applications: Thanks to the new model application portal, QB received over a hundred model applications in a short span of time. The surge in applications demonstrated the success of the website redesign and its appeal to aspiring models.

● Improved Efficiency: The integration of an email system and billing management system significantly improved QB’s operational efficiency. They could now communicate seamlessly with models, clients, and partners while having better control over their financial processes.

● Enhanced Reputation: With a professional and user-friendly website, QB’s reputation as a top-tier modeling agency grew, attracting more opportunities and collaborations with renowned brands and clients.

● Client Satisfaction: The seamless user experience on the website led to increased client satisfaction. Clients could easily access the information they needed, fostering better collaboration with QB.

● “QB Elite model and talent has made all my dreams come true.To put it simply, I would recommend any upcoming talent to reach out because this team is family. And they care about each other and everyone of us.” Madeline Woods – Model

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1. Planning

Strategizing and laying the foundation for a successful web design and marketing project.

2. Defining Requirements

Collaborating closely to precisely understand project needs and align strategies.

3. Design

Unleashing creativity to craft visually stunning websites with effective marketing elements.

4. Implementation/Building

Expertly building the website and integrating marketing strategies for seamless user experience.

5. Testing

Thoroughly testing functionality and optimizing marketing components for flawless performance.

6. Review

Collaborating for feedback and fine-tuning the project based on valuable input.

7. Launch

Transitioning to a live environment to captivate audiences and achieve marketing objectives.

8. Maintenance

Providing ongoing support, monitoring performance, and refining strategies for sustained success.

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