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Semeion Richardson, a talented and passionate artist on a mission to inspire and uplift through his artwork.


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Semeion Richardson, a talented and passionate artist on a mission to inspire and uplift through his artwork. Operating under the brand “Artist With a Purpose,” Semeion creates captivating pieces of art that not only exhibit exceptional artistic talent but also carry meaningful messages intended to evoke emotions and promote positive change.

The Challenge

Semeion faced significant hurdles in establishing an online presence that truly reflected his artistic vision and connected with his target audience. His previous attempts to manage his online presence were hampered by limited visibility and challenges with his Google Business listing.

Solution and process

Foxpoint stepped in to provide comprehensive solutions and support, recognizing Semeion’s immense talent and the importance of his message:

1. We collaborated with Semeion revamping his website to a visually stunning and user-friendly website through The website was meticulously designed to showcase his diverse portfolio and communicate his artistic purpose effectively.

2. Foxpoint implemented onsite and offsite SEO strategies to enhance the ranking of Artist With a Purpose on search engine result pages that is significant of search engine visibility.

3. We proactively worked to help Semeion recover his lost Google Business listing, ensuring that potential customers could easily find and engage with his business.


The combined efforts of Semeion and Foxpoint bore remarkable Journey to Success:

The revamped website, aligned with SEO optimization, significantly enhanced website’s online visibility. As a result, Semeion’s artwork reached a broader audience, attracting art enthusiasts and socially conscious individuals alike. With Foxpoint’s expertise, Semeion successfully regained control of his Google Business listing, leading to increased local visibility and improved credibility. Semeion’s captivating artwork, complemented by the powerful message of purpose, resonated with the audience on a profound level. The arts and purpose proved to be a powerful catalyst for change. Semeion’s art became a medium to spark meaningful conversations and promote social awareness.

creative process Cycle

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1. Planning

Strategizing and laying the foundation for a successful web design and marketing project.

2. Defining Requirements

Collaborating closely to precisely understand project needs and align strategies.

3. Design

Unleashing creativity to craft visually stunning websites with effective marketing elements.

4. Implementation/Building

Expertly building the website and integrating marketing strategies for seamless user experience.

5. Testing

Thoroughly testing functionality and optimizing marketing components for flawless performance.

6. Review

Collaborating for feedback and fine-tuning the project based on valuable input.

7. Launch

Transitioning to a live environment to captivate audiences and achieve marketing objectives.

8. Maintenance

Providing ongoing support, monitoring performance, and refining strategies for sustained success.

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