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The addon is designed to help business owners restore and unsuspend their Google Business Listings. The team of experts behind the addon will work with business owners to identify the reason for their suspension, develop a plan to restore the listing and keep them updated throughout the process. The addon provides a personalized approach to each case and aims to provide a stress-free solution for businesses that have been suspended.

With a proven track record of success, business owners can trust that their Google Business Listing is in good hands. The addon is easy to use, effective and provides a personalized approach to each case. Contacting the team behind the addon will enable business owners to get back to attracting new customers and growing their business as quickly as possible.


There are several reasons why a Google Business listing may get suspended. Here are some common reasons:

  1. Violation of Google’s terms of service: If a business violates Google’s terms of service, such as by providing misleading or inaccurate information, their listing may be suspended.

  2. Duplicate listings: If a business creates multiple listings for the same location, it can result in the suspension of all listings.

  3. Inappropriate content: Google has strict policies regarding inappropriate content, such as offensive language, hate speech, or sexually explicit material. Listings that violate these policies can be suspended.

  4. Ownership or verification issues: If a business is unable to verify their ownership or if there are disputes over the ownership of a listing, it may result in suspension.

  5. Address or location issues: If the address or location of a business is inaccurate, misleading, or non-existent, the listing may be suspended.

  6. Suspicious activity: Google has systems in place to detect and prevent spam, fraud, and other suspicious activity. If a listing is flagged for such activity, it may be suspended.

It’s important for businesses to ensure that their Google Business listing is compliant with Google’s policies to avoid suspension. If a listing is suspended, the business can usually appeal the decision and work to resolve any issues.

The time it takes to get a suspended Google My Business listing reinstated can vary depending on the reason for the suspension and how quickly you can provide the necessary information and documentation to support your appeal. In some cases, it may take several weeks or even months to get your listing reinstated.

To prevent your Google My Business listing from being suspended in the future, make sure to follow Google’s guidelines and policies. This includes providing accurate and up-to-date information about your business, avoiding prohibited activities like fake reviews or keyword stuffing, and addressing any policy violations as soon as they are identified. You should also regularly monitor your listing for any changes or updates and respond promptly to any customer reviews or feedback.

To find out why your Google My Business listing was suspended, you should log into your Google My Business account and look for a notification or email from Google with more information. You can also visit the “Support” section of your account to contact Google for assistance.

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